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Musclepharm combined the best of real innovation to create Assault, the ultimate pre-workout with an advanced 5-stage delivery system. Assault helps fight fatigue, build muscle, and turn up the intensity with a multistage delivery system that addresses every angle of athletic performance. Take Assault before your workouts and competitions to experience enhanced strength, endurance, muscle mass, and training capacity.
Assault is sports nutritions most complete pre-performance formulation. It starts with the ATP Amplifier system which features patented Beta-Alanine to buffer against lactic acid buildup and enhance muscular endurance.[1] Next comes the Ion-3 Nitrate Technology Matrix that fuels more efficient vasodilation and muscle pumps.[2]
The Cellular Energy and Insulin Activator Blend create insulin to increase nutrient uptake by muscle cells, supporting greater anabolic growth and repair.[3] Fuel your energy with the fourth stage of Assault, the Energy and Neuro Igniter fueled by a clean caffeine boost for explosive energy.[4] Finally, rehydrate your system and repair your body with a restorative combination of electrolytes, coconut water, glutamine, and taurine.[5]
Fuel the athlete inside and experience the ultimate performance boost. Its time to get leaner, faster, stronger, and harder with MusclePharm Assault

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Muscle Pharm assault 20srv Arctic blue raspberry

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