• Cytosport mm pro 50 2.54lb Knockout chocolate

CytoSport, makers of the world-class protein supplement line Muscle Milk, have developed their newest protein powder: Muscle Milk Pro Series 50. This product is designed to be a step up from the original muscle milk, with fewer calories, a specially-formulated proprietary protein blend, vitamins, and minerals.
Each scoop of Pro Series 50 contains 25 grams of protein. This high-quality protein blend combines quick and slow-release proteins to deliver optimum muscle nutrition before, during, and after exercise. Quick-digesting protein alleviates soreness after training, and slow-digesting protein provides extended muscle recovery throughout the rest of the day.
With only 150 calories, Pro Series 50 is optimized for those on low-caloric diets or individuals following strict training regimes. The supplement is fortified with 20 essential vitamins and minerals to maintain general health. It is gluten free, contains no banned substances or added fillers, and is low in cholesterol. In addition, this protein powder is also NSF GMP certified for sport.
Take your exercise and diet to the next level with Muscle Milk Pro Series 50.

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Cytosport mm pro 50 2.54lb Knockout chocolate

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