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Why do you work out? Is it to get better at a sport? Is it to get bigger muscles? Is it to lose bodyfat? No matter what your reason is for working out, we all hit the weights and train our bodies with one specific purpose in mind, to compete. It may be a competition with a friend, a competition against a rival sports team, or even a competition with yourself, but no matter what, the goal is to be the best you can possibly be. Stop wasting your time "exercising", and take it to the next level... Compete!

Compete takes intra-workout supplementation to an entirely new level. The days of using antiquated BCAA's or bloat inducing high carbohydrate/creatine products is long gone. Featuring clinically suggested doses of novel amino acids, whey protein hydrolysate, and focus supporting compounds, Compete is the perfect answer for any athlete looking to get the edge over their competition.*

How Does Compete work?

Compete works by addressing the four major necessities for athletic performance:

Mental Focus | Physical Performance | Recovery | Hydration*

Mental Focus:

When we exercise our body releases very potent chemicals(like adrenaline) that can cause us to go into our natural "fight or flight" mode. Going into this mode protects us from danger in nature, however it can cause athletic performance to suffer significantly. By augmenting the bodys reaction to exercise/physical stress, we can use these powerful chemicals to our benefit, instead of to our detriment.*

Compete does just that.* Through the use of a potent adaptogen (Rhodiola Rosea), Compete supports how your body responds to physical stress, allowing you to reap more benefits each and every workout.* Adaptogens are compounds that help our body stay more "calm" in stressful situations.* An easy comparison would be to look at adaptogens as if they were "coolant" in a cars radiator. Too little coolant and that car overheats, and eventually stops running. The same goes for the human body, we must keep our mental/physical stress within certain limits to enable us to perform at 100%.

In addition to including this powerful adaptogen, it also includes a powerful alkaloid from the Perwinkle plant known as "Vinpocetine." Suggested to support blood flow to the brain, positive mood, and more energy, the addition of Vinpocetine was crucial to help athletes to feel, think, and perform at their absolute peak.*

Physical Performance:

Now while we all know it's great to feel good when we work out, our actual physical performance is what matters at the end of the day. To increase our overall physical performance, we need to manipulate numerous bodily functions, not just 1 in particular. Compete does this by utilizing clinical doses of the most impressive athletic supports currently known to science, two forms of L-Carnitine.*

L-Carnitine works by forcing fatty acids into our mitochondria, where they can then be oxidized and burned for additional energy/power.* By doing this, Carnitine may help your body to create more energy(thus reducing fatigue), burn more fat, and work better/faster at your activity of choice.

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I Force compete 180g 30srv Fruit punch slam

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